Murderous and Desperate Boxed Set: Two Complete Series

Dare to peek into the abyss?

Discover two complete, psychological thriller series that will leave you on the edge of your seat eager to find out how the story ends.

“A Murderous Mind” obliterates the boundaries between good and evil, weaving a tale of psychological suspense that explores the labyrinth of a serial killer’s mind and races along at a whiplash-inducing pace.

Then in “A Desperate Man” follow FBI Agent Allison Moore as she follows a trail of bodies in search of a serial killer. Years ago, Matthew Brand’s terror swept the nation, but the FBI acted swiftly, and the world believed the nightmare was over as Brand was caged. Until he wasn’t.

Get two complete trilogies in this boxed set!

A Murderous Mind

Five relentless years. Not a single kill.

John has constructed a facade of normalcy. From his esteemed corner office with skyline views, to the loving adoration of his wife, daughter, father, and sister, he appears to have it all.

But the gruesome cravings have only been dormant, not extinct. Now, the sinister voice inside his head is resurfacing.

Detective Tremock stumbles upon the newest corpse and an icy dread snakes through him. The signature is undeniable. This cold case has never really been forgotten, lying in wait like a predator in the shadows. To many, Tremock’s dedication might seem obsessive. His marriage has crumbled, his retirement elusive, his future prospects diminishing – all a consequence of his fixation on the murders. He always knew the monster would return. And now, it has.

John’s already tenuous grip on reality is shattering. With Tremock inching ever closer to the horrifying truth, he stands on the precipice of losing everything. His wife, his children, his life, all hang in the balance. Yet, the voice persists, a relentless echo, “Kill them, John. Kill them all…”

Included in this boxed set:

  1. Hunter
  2. Obsession
  3. Consumed

A Desperate Man

You can’t cage evil. You have to kill it.

FBI Agent Allison Moore is the Bureau’s beacon of hope. Her flawless track record and unyielding determination make her the go-to agent.

Then comes the call. A name whispered in nightmares: Matthew Brand.

Brand’s genius once held the promise of revolutionizing science and medicine. But darkness took hold, leading him down a path of gruesome experiments and a quest to play God.

Years ago, Brand’s terror swept the nation, but the FBI acted swiftly, and the world believed the nightmare was over as Brand was caged.

They were wrong.

He’s back and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Allison is faster but Brand is faster. Smart, but Brand is smarter.

And now, he’s targeting her family.

Can Allison overcome the odds and stop this monstrous genius before her world is shattered forever?

Included in this boxed set:

  1. A Desperate Man
  2. A Desperate Nation
  3. A Desperate World

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