The Lingo Of Ares

| June 8, 2014


The Lingo Of Ares

It is the year 2055, and Four-Star American General Dante Corvigni has been dispatched by the United States under the auspices of the United Nations to quell an anti-democratic invasion from Africa that has plagued the entire Mediterranean region and spread deep into Italy. With orders received to crush the anti-democratic incursion in Central Italy, things take a surprising turn when Dante completes his orders and subsequently declares his own state. The sovereignty of his nation is ultimately contested from Italy to America in an all-out epic war of muscle and mind that births a new philosophy out of the ashes of the chaos. Provocative and absurd, aggressive and unforgiving, cerebral and violent, The Lingo of Ares cuts down everything that stands in its pathway without hesitation, flinging sentences with the force of ripped atoms left and right as it presses on to find meaning, in a world that seems so devoid of it at times.


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