Curse of the Druid King

| June 10, 2014


Curse of the Druid King (Elvenshore Series)

The Elvenshore Series continues with the next generation in the Curse of the Druid King .

The Valkyrie Prince, being the first male born in four hundred years, sets out to prove his manhood. He

follows his quest of a thousand mile journey that brings him to the land of the Valkyrie’s first inheritance.

But it is a land on the verge of war. The Prince finds that he is hunted day and night. The King of the land

wants him dead but the enemies of the King want him to complete his quest. Either way, the land will never be

the same again.

What people have said about the books in the Elvenshore Series.


We highly recommend (these) books for fun, fantasy adventures, reminiscent of Tolkien.



This book is a very well written. The author does a great job of keeping the action going. This is a real

page burner, you won’t want to put it down.



Dennis Keaten Jr.


I love stories like this, and Clark Graham is a great storyteller. I hope there will be many more in this


Tony Olsen


I can’t stop reading these stories as they become available the stories are great with lots of action. If

you’re looking for something I would recommend all these books



The author gives us a fun world full of elves, dwarves, valkyrie, trolls and humans. I like what he does

with the various races to give them personality and differences, yet tries to stick to what most people think

they might be like.

I enjoyed the various characters created and their interactions. The author created scenes and imagery that kept

me reading.

Scott A Martin


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