Shadow Runner

“Adventurous, clever, unique, and compelling. Shadow Runner weaves a fantastic tale that will leave you enchanted, entertained, and eager for more.” -Tara C. Allred, award-winning author of The Other Side of Quiet

Born to aristocracy, Ada will marry and never want for anything, except freedom. An unearthly visitor and a series of seemingly supernatural events unexpectedly deliver her from the mundane. But no one could have predicted the darkness that comes with it. Taken in and raised by a secret society, Ada is groomed as an assassin. As she comes of age, she must become a predator, targeting members of the very nobility to which she was born… or try to escape. But if she leaves, she risks the lives of the two she loves most… her adopted sister… and her captor.

Meet KJ Fieler

KJ Fieler is known for her exceptional storytelling and captivating narratives. She’s won multiple awards, including:

* Literary Titan Gold

* Firebird Award for Women’s Issues and Weird Genre

* 2023 Historical Fiction Company, 5-star Reader’s Choice and Silver Award for Fantasy

* The 20th Annual “Best Book” Awards, Finalist

* Reader’s Favorite, 5-star Reader’s Choice and Finalist

She also hosts Writer 2 Writer, an enlightening YouTube author spotlight show. Through this platform, she delves into the lives and works of fellow authors, shedding light on their creative processes and showcasing their latest works.

Fieler is a member of several esteemed organizations, including the Florida Writers’ Association, North Florida Writers, Henderson Group, the Amelia Island Book Festival, the Atlanta Writers’ Club. She also serves as a Royal Palm Literary Award Judge for Teen and Young Adult Fiction.

Her influence extends beyond Earth’s boundaries, as her captivating short story, “Loyalty,” was archived on the Moon as part of the Lunar Codex project in January of 2024.

Fieler’s award-winning debut novel, “Shadow Runner” is the first installment in a thrilling three-book Victorian Adventure series which plunges readers into an exhilarating world of mystery and intrigue. “Shadow Hunter,” the highly anticipated second book in the Shadow Series, is set to debut in December of 2024.