Urkel Unleashed, Rescued Fur-Ever: A Tail-Wagging Tale of Rescue

In “Urkel Unleashed, Rescued Fur-Ever,” meet Urkel, the wild, funny, and quirky Boston terrier who finds his forever home with Meredith, Ken, and their son, Zach. As they welcome him into their family alongside their senior pug, Appa, Urkel’s boundless energy brings laughter and joy to their lives. But beyond the humor lies a heartwarming tale of the importance of adopting shelter pets and supporting rescues. Through Urkel’s journey, readers discover the power of love, compassion, and the special bond between humans and their furry friends. Join Urkel on his big adventure and be inspired to open your heart to a shelter pet in need.
In addition to the heartwarming story, “Urkel Unleashed” offers a unique multimedia experience for readers. Scan QR codes within the book to access real video footage of Urkel’s adorable antics, follow his adventures on TikTok, and learn more about the shelter, Tiny Cause, where Urkel found his forever home. Immerse yourself in Urkel’s world and join the movement to support shelter pets everywhere.