Enchanted by the Cursed

In the echoes of eternity, I was a specter, haunting the fringes of time, cursed to witness the ages alone. Then she appeared—Evelyn, a woman out of time, with a spirit as radiant as the pendant around her neck. The streets of medieval Paris were no place for her modern soul, yet she walked them as though she was born to change destiny. And change mine she did. The pendant she wore was my damnation and my only hope—her touch, my salvation and my ruin. Her fight to return to the future collides with my battle to escape the past. But as our nights burn with shared heat, I’m torn. Do I long for freedom from my endless prison, or for the endless nights with her? As the secrets of my curse unravel before her wide, fearless eyes, I’m faced with the ultimate torment. Losing her to her time, or binding her to mine. In this dance of time and passion, will love be the key to breaking the chains, or will it bind us together, cursed… forever?

Meet Eliane Kensington

Eliane Kensington is a time travel romance author. Blending historical accuracy with passionate love stories, her books feature protagonists journeying into the past, where romance and adventure intertwine. With a background in history, Eliane’s work is praised for its realism and emotional depth, captivating a dedicated fan base.