Love in Seven and a Half Shapes

Jonathon Cooper is a lonely nine-year old boy with a strong resemblance to Bobby Moore and a passion for chess and numbers. Sherton Myam is an amnesiac shapeshifter who is terrified of changing his shape. When Fate throws them together for just one brief spring afternoon in 1975, they form an unlikely bond that will shape both their futures. And, in a world where people are not always who or what they seem, Jonathon will discover the complex nature of love in some of its many shapes, and the devastating choices it can force people to make.
Starting off in London’s East End, Jonathon’s first person account is a warm and evocative journey through the last quarter of the last century, culminating in 2020 when we find him living and working in the united States. Sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, Jonathon shares the highs and lows of his remarkable relationship with a shapeshifter and comes to understand the threads that had bound them together.