Home Again in Hilton Head (Island Mystery Book 1

15 years ago, Andi’s sister Caroline vanished from their hometown on Hilton Head Island.

With the anniversary of her disappearance approaching, the locals are once again gossiping about what might have happened all those years ago.

As Andi prepares to return home to mark the occasion, the devastating news comes that another young woman has disappeared under similar, strange circumstances. The police are calling it a likely runaway, but Andi thinks something more sinister has happened to the victim. And she thinks the same about what happened to her sister, Caroline too.

Fresh out of a divorce, Andi decides to remain on the island and find some answers. She reconnects with her old childhood friend, James, and together they vow to discover what happened to Caroline and lay the past to rest.

With a chance to close the door on tragedy and begin afresh, will Andi finally find the answers she’s desperately looking for?

Immerse yourself in the dramas, mysteries, and friendships of a small island town. This women’s fiction series is perfect for readers who want to lose themselves in a cozy, page-turner with a happy ending. Scroll up to start reading Book 1 today!