The Villainous Princess: Part 2 (The Royal’s Saga Book 5)

The Royal’s Saga, Book 2.5: The Villainous Princess – Part 2 – The Freed

Once a blight to her family, the villainess who just wants to know love is now freed.
The War-Hero Prince who faced all of the odds and obstacles to bring her home and put her as the pinnacle of his life, is now king…and struggling to secure her place in his castle.
The loyal soldier who cares for both of them deeply, is now fighting against many foes to defend his new queen…

In the midst of a life of contempt and mockery, the king stands with his faithful soldier at his side as a beacon of light in her sea of weary hope and nervous caution.

Can he get her to understand and accept his absolution for her? Or, will she break under the pressures and prejudices that life has thrown her way, leaving her love to stare at the shattered pieces? Find out in this angsty-filled, lusty, heated tale!!

Special Author’s Art Edition – Now with over 100 pages of added content! Author’s hand-drawn art, Muse Playlist, and extended “Steamy” scenes to leave you flustered!