Apprentice Gone

If you like The Wheel of Time and Dungeons & Dragons style fantasy, the Rampant Dawn series is for you! Whispers of rebellion are stirring through the mystical lands where Dragon Arch Lords enforce their limitless power over every aspect of civilization. When an important errand for his master goes completely awry, a young spellcaster is thrown into a life-or-death struggle that could affect the fate of the entire realm. Along the way he meets an unlikely friend, and together they discover their unique abilities are able to break through unimaginable boundaries—but nothing can prepare them for the unparalleled dangers they will be forced to overcome. Follow Kresdin and Fuke on their wild adventure into an enchanted world of magical wonder, and see if they can unlock the mystery of a long-forgotten artifact. Don’t miss the excitement! Jump right into this fast-paced epic fantasy adventure! To explore high-stakes sword-fighting action set in a world of mystical sorcery, scroll back to the top and click BUY NOW!

Meet J. W. Meyer

J. W. Meyer grew up in rural Wisconsin. He always had a fanciful imagination that dreamt about going on wild adventures to discover amazing places. As a teenager, J. W. Meyer got hooked on reading fantasy novels, and his library began to swell. His interest in writing developed with the help of an amazing teacher, who offered priceless lessons filled with lasting memories for those who could get past the façade of his gruff demeanor. After completing school, J. W. Meyer worked for a few years before joining the U. S. Army to become an airborne infantry soldier. After a year and a half, he earned the prestigious Airborne Ranger certification. As a paratrooper, he engaged in combat deployments, where he fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sergeant Meyer was honorably discharged from active service after fulfilling his military contract. J. W. Meyer resides in Europe with his loving wife and two amazing children. His pastimes include outdoor activities, wilderness adventure, and world travel. On his journey to seek out the wonders of our planet, J. W. Meyer has become passionate about engaging with the values of nature, history, and cultures. Contained in his vault of prized treasures, are fantastic relationships, lasting memories, and priceless experiences. He is currently working on his next epic fantasy novels. Books two and three of the Rampant Dawn series are expected to release in 2023. Get in touch with the author at or