Coldren’s Prison

Had it not been the worst f*cking day of my life, I would have woken up to the smell of fresh-roasted coffee, warm bread straight out of the oven, and birds chirping as if I were living in one of those nauseating happily-ever-after fairy tales. Instead, I woke up in some prison, with my arms chained to a wall and blood gushing down my face. Stained clothes and an immense pounding in my head caused concern for my longevity. I had no idea who put me there, nor why they left me in this state. The only way I had a chance to get out was to pull myself together and consider who hated my guts enough to lock me up like this. Admittedly, I made a couple dozen enemies in my life who wouldn’t mourn my death and one of them has made this eerily personal. The big question is, who?

Meet Kevin Gen

Born and raised in the Netherlands to a Dutch father and a New Zealand mother, I have always appreciated a good story. I read young adult mystery books throughout my childhood and soon began writing my own. At age 11, I finished my first book. Five more would follow in the next seven years. As these were written for a hobby rather than for publishing purposes, none of them were made available online or in bookstores. In my University years and my years of travel after, the inner author was put on a hiatus because life got ‘too busy’. Writing was moved to the back burner, where it stayed for fifteen years, long enough for even water to burn. Eventually, the itch to write down the stories that roamed around in my head became too strong to ignore. My writing style and themes switched to darker, heavier topics. A good three years after typing the words ‘Chapter One’, the psychological thriller Coldren’s Prison was printed on paper worldwide.