Quiet Quit & Fully Live: Take Back Your Time, Energy, and Life Through Ethical Disengagement

“…invaluable advice that will benefit your life in more ways than you can imagine. […] If I could give this book six out of five stars, I would.”
—Readers’ Favorite

If you have ever felt the weight of overstretched commitments, sacrificing precious time with loved ones or neglecting your own well-being in the relentless pursuit of success, you are not alone.

Picture this: an office that never sleeps, where the glow of computer screens outlasts the setting sun, and where family dinners become distant memories. This was my battleground. As I trudged through my sixth year of static titles and stagnant growth, the birth of my son refracted my life’s priorities through a kaleidoscopic lens of urgency.

The impact? A realization that the extra mile I’d been running was a loop leading nowhere, and it was time to step off the track. What followed was a reclaiming of time and dignity, sparking a transformation that would ripple through both my personal and professional worlds.

As we embark on this journey together, we will explore:

The devastating effects of long-term stress on the brain
The power of setting internal boundaries
The art of saying “no” without guilt
The transformative impact of prioritizing your personal life over work

I invite you to challenge the status quo, embrace ethical disengagement as a means of self-preservation and empowerment, and ultimately, quiet quit in order to fully live.