Ghosts & Witches Paranormal Cozy Mystery Box Set (Angela Pepper Box Sets and Bundles)

For a limited time, grab this exclusive bundle of 10 full-length novels and 2 short stories from bestselling paranormal cozy author Angela Pepper.

This collection is a must-have, including some of Angela’s earliest works, such as Zan (a 2-part young adult series), Broken Shell Island (a stand-alone book exploring a magical island), and Love Singer (a short story about a young witch named Zeb). If you’re a fan of Angela’s work, these stories will illuminate the seeds of recurring themes present in her newest releases. And if you’ve never heard of her, welcome to a whole new world!

You’ll also get the full trilogy of Angela’s ghost cozies, Date with a Ghost, Interview with a Ghost, and Dancing with a Ghost. These are in the same world as Wisteria, but without witches or spells. These stand-alone paranormal cozies range in tone from dark and thrilling to light and funny.

How would you like a bit of science fiction mixed in with your ghosts? There’s a trilogy about a ghost-hunting crew, starting with The Cat Who Went Bump in the Night. These books are like Ghostbusters mixed with a zombie comedy.

But wait, there’s more!

Included are two titles from Angela’s bestselling Wisteria Witches world. If you’re a fan of the series, you may already have them, but if you’re new to Angela’s books, these stand-alone reads will introduce you to the series. Note: They are from later in the series, so they do contain some spoilers related to earlier books.

This very big bundle contains over 3000 pages of intriguing mysteries, laugh-out-loud humor, and characters you’ll love spending time with. (Even the weird ones. Okay, especially the weird ones.)