The Prophet of Amon: The Alien Connection in Ancient Egypt ^ (Secret of the Mummy Book 2)

| June 12, 2014


The Prophet of Amon: The Alien Connection in Ancient Egypt ^ (Secret of the Mummy Book 2)

In ancient Egypt circa 1500 B.C. – the era when the beautiful and noble Queen Hatshepsut rose to power to become the first great female leader in recorded history – a mysterious man ascended from the masses to speak His Word. His appearance on earth coincided with two major planetary events which forever changed Man’s history; phenomena that is well-documented in modern university textbooks across the globe.

But was this man truly “The Prophet of Amon”… or perhaps the Almighty himself? Or was he a fraud and sham… a delusional, mortal man who thought of himself as a grandiose being with a preordained mission on earth to save the masses from a path of degradation and enslavement?

This was the quandary facing Her Highness, the eminent Queen Hatshepsut, as well as the entire populace of the Egyptian Empire, now in its height of glory, power and grandeur.

Based on fact and exhaustive historical research, Bjorn Street’s second historical novel takes dead aim at the very foundation of recorded history, and shakes the dust from the musty annals used by past scholars. Controversial and hard-hitting, the heated debate continues:

“How dare Bjorn Street expose the truth of the Ancients?”

“How dare he challenge the history taught in the stodgy texts at the universities?”

“How dare he address the Alien Connection in Ancient Egypt?”

Set against a backdrop of epic adventure, romance, and passion mixed in with a touch of humor, “THE PROPHET OF AMON” delves deeper into the spiritual and paranormal activity that prevailed during the Eighteenth Dynasty of the New Kingdom – Hatshepsut’s era. The book shakes the rafters and at last uncovers the truth about the love that transcends all.

In “THE PROPHET OF AMON”, the ancient secrets are finally laid bare and exposed for all to see!


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