Four Mothers: A Short Story Collection

| June 12, 2014


Four Mothers: A Short Story Collection

Sometimes, a mother’s flaws are dangerous.

Nobody is perfect at being a mother, and that is especially true for the mothers featured in this short story collection. In each story, we meet a mother as she deals with a real or perceived crisis and her flaws emerge. In Almost Perfect, Bitsy’s flaw causes her to take a truly horrendous action, proving that it’s not just stepmothers who are wicked. Tilda, the mother we meet in As Luck Would Have It, exudes luck from every pore, but she has flawed expectations that may end up shaping her daughter’s reality. Felicity is relishing her overbearing husband’s absence on a business trip, when her Two-Day Break suddenly turns into a nightmare. In The Beads, Iram is living a nightmare — a child in a coma after nearly choking to death — when something happens that affects her entire outlook. Also included in the collection is a bonus story,Lynch Party, about a mother who has a different perspective on what makes a great party activity.


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