Dragon’s Wrath

Ronan led his life with an iron fist. Doing otherwise meant putting his sister in danger and losing the life he’d worked so hard to build. So, he lived by few, clear rules. Hide the beast. Deny the need. Seek justice. Then he met Louise, shades, hues, and gradients to his black or white. Circumstances and exceptions to his right or wrong. His home. But hate never dies, never quits. It lurks in the shadow and strikes where it hurts the most. With their world destroyed, Ronan and Louise must accept the duty of leading the revolution, and their love might be the greatest weapon.

Meet V.V. Strange

Viv writes contemporary suspense romance as MacKade, and paranormal and fantasy romance as V.V. Strange. In the breathtaking backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Viv captures all shades of love into her stories – its joy, passion, and darkness. Her husband and children are her biggest fans, and yes, she really doesn’t mind shoveling that snow.