The Tigers of Talighati

As ominous clouds gather over peaceful Talighati, the accompanying darkness brings with it a tale of unfathomable destruction and pain… “Talighati shall be mine!” roars an evil monster, clenching his fists and laughing eerily as thunder and lightning rumble in agreement. Two red-headed vultures nod smilingly, drooling in anticipation. Far away, in another part of the enchanted jungle, maverick Vaayu, feisty Neela, and lazy Dabbu—three teen siblings—enjoy a carefree life, protected by their doting mother, Leela, and their powerful father, Tej …but for how long? Unknown to them, a vicious, blood-thirsty army is marching towards Talighati to capture its territories and destroy everything that stands in their way. Hundreds of bloodied bodies already lie strewn in the wake of its deadly rampage. When a friend brings news of their impending arrival, the family is torn—should they stay and fight, or should they flee? But how can a handful of tigers fight a powerful force? Where will they go? The wicked army is everywhere, and so are the spies. The inexperienced teens and their mother have to embark on a perilous journey through the river, where they can be caught at the next turn. What other dangers await them and their cousin, Yug? Which animals will they meet, and will they help or betray? Will the evil monster and his army have the last laugh? This nuanced Action Adventure is for all those who enjoy captivating characters, unexpected twists and turns, brutal fights, a few shocks, revenge, a healthy dose of humor, a dash of romance, and an ever changing landscape that will take your breath away.

Meet Dave Ryan Haaiski

Hi, I am Dave Ryan Haaiski, author of the YA Action Adventure called The Tigers of Talighati. I love wildlife, especially big cats. After my visits to the jungle, I was always left unsatisfied, because the tiger sightings were either brief or there wasn’t much to see beyond them just sitting around and relaxing in the shade. What I wanted to see were the territorial fights, the hunts, the conflicts, the parent-cub communication, their interactions with other species, etc. In short, I wanted to be that bird on a tree who sees their life unfold on a daily basis. Besides, all the interesting stories I heard about them were never seen personally by me. The idea for this book stemmed from that frustration. Writing it was fun, for I had a fertile imagination right from childhood, when I often created stories of my own to kill time. The writing journey took me almost four years, but it has been a rewarding one, and I look forward to experiencing many more in the coming years. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Here’s wishing you safe travels, folks!