You Will Rock As a Dad!: The Expert Guide to First-Time Pregnancy and Everything New Fathers Need to Know

Congrats, man! You are going to nail this thing known as fatherhood! The Perfect Father’s Day Gift. Did you just hear the two little words that will change your life forever (”I’m pregnant”)… and you are freaking out just a tiny bit? Are you worried that you won’t know how to be there for your partner and your unborn child during these crucial months? Do you want to be the best partner and father possible, but you are afraid that you will do something dumb because, quite frankly, you have no idea what you’re doing? If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, don’t worry – there is hope. New fatherhood is a stressful time. Your partner, who’s growing an entire new human, needs you now more than ever. There’s a lot to prepare before the little one arrives. And soon, you will have this entire new little person who will rely on you for literally everything. But by being here, you are taking the first step to becoming the most supportive father and partner you can be. By learning all of the ins and outs of this wild ride to parenthood, you can be there holding your partner’s hand every step of the way. In this definitive guide, you will discover: An examination of the different fears first-time fathers commonly face and how to squelch each and every one Everything modern dads should know – from what your newborn will look like to how to prepare yourself mentally for caring for a baby, and more What a birth plan is and all of the questions you and your partner should consider when creating one How to help your partner through all of the symptoms that come along with pregnancy, like crazy cravings and raging hormones The key to a happy relationship – how to keep on dating even with a baby, with tips on planning the perfect babymoon How to get both of you through postpartum depression should it make an appearance A guide to what you can expect during each trimester of pregnancy so you aren’t left scrambling for answers each time something new happens What you can expect at prenatal visits (yes, you should go), including what not to say during these appointments Practical new dad tips to make you look like a pregnancy pro right out of the gate All of the steps to take to pick the perfect name that both you and your partner absolutely love Exhaustive, detailed lists of everything you need to pack for the big day The signs that it is almost your baby’s birthday and you should be getting your partner to the hospital Exactly what to expect during the birth of your child–spoiler alert: it is the most amazing thing you will ever be a part of and no amount of planning can ever fully prepare you for what you are about to experience The “Swiss Army Knife” of baby supplies and why you should always have plenty on hand And much more. This book doesn’t just compare your growing baby to a fruit or vegetable and give you ambiguous advice about what is happening inside your partner’s belly. Instead, it dives deep into every aspect of the new dad life, making sure you leave no stone unturned on your road to becoming a super dad. PSA: I make many sports and dude references – so if you DO have a sense of humor – this book is for you. This book makes a great Father’s Day gift from wife, daughter, son, sister, brother, or grandkid! If you are ready to be a supportive, attentive, knowledgeable, capable partner and totally crush this crazy thing known as fatherhood, then scroll up and click “Add to Cart” now.

Meet Alex Grace

Alex Grace is a DADpreneur from Portland, Oregon. He comes from a sports family where days and evenings were spent throwing the ball around with his four other siblings. Being in childcare, Grace has many years of experience engaging with kids from different backgrounds. Becoming an author was something Alex had always wanted to venture into. When he had his first child, he saw an opportunity to bundle his love for teamwork, children, and becoming a dad into one! Now a best-selling author for his 2 debut books and featured in multiple media outlets, Alex continues to write for first-time fathers.