The Winds of Desolation (The Sea Mage Cycle)

Shipwrecked on a hostile shore, the only way out is to harness the power within.

All Alex ever wanted was to be a sea mage like his father. But though he is gifted with magic, the wind and the waves refuse to answer his call. So when a storm arises and shipwrecks his crew on the barren shores of the Lands of Desolation, it appears that their only option is to walk out.

But the Lands of Desolation are no place for lost sailors. Once the seat of a mighty sea-faring empire, the ruins of the land harbor secrets—and dangers—darker than the depths of the deepest sea. And one of the crew’s passengers, a mysterious young woman with magical gifts of her own, knows more about this cursed land than she lets on.

To save his crew, Alex must unravel the dark mysteries of this forsaken land, discovering the connection between it and his own latent powers. But will Alex master the magic within him before the curse upon the land consumes them all?