Champagne Kisses: A Curvy Romance

Adam Park is a project manager for a Fortune 500 telecommunications company. While he’s a family man, coming home for Sunday dinners every week and playing flag football with his four older brothers, he’s also a devout bachelor with a strict 15-min cuddling limit. He’s not a player though; he always lets his partners know the deal upfront.

Maya Davis owns It’s Personal, a small business specializing in handmade and custom gifts. She spends her evenings binging “The Great British Bake Off”, putting her own twist on recipes from her grandmother’s cookbook, and having girls’ night with her best friends Tiffany and Denise.

When Adam is tapped as best man for a ritzy NYC wedding, he finds the perfect custom champagne flutes on It’s Personal’s website. Every time Maya gives an update on the order, Adam can’t help but flirt, and a delay with the vendor means Maya must deliver the flutes in person.

When they meet, sparks fly, but the road ahead is rough. Maya is far from Adam’s usual “type”, the groom’s younger sister has decided now is the perfect time to shoot her shot, and hurtful comments from someone Adam trusts force Maya to face deep-rooted insecurities.

Can Adam reform his bachelor ways and fight for a real relationship? Can Maya overcome her unresolved trauma and give Adam the benefit of the doubt? Together, they’ll discover whether their feelings are more than skin deep.