The Birth of Gods

Most gods are born from deeds, one is born from consequence.

Redver, the City of Murmuration’s, is slowly being throttled by political, social and religious forces.

Two of the University’s infamous Black Stars, set about investigating a series of murders within the ancient city of Redver. Both are forced to relive a twenty-year-old swathe of destruction left by a newly born God.

A woman clambering for change, a change to a city too old and set in its ways, a change for a country that was very nearly ruined by the wars of men. A war that took with it nearly all the fathers and sons of Redver, the city which thrust up these women as its salvation.

A girl’s attempt to know where she belongs, riding a wave she cannot control, trying to tread water and gasp another breath.

Redver’s city watch and its criminal underworld, swirl in confusion in their chase of cat and mouse, but who holds the strings, and who has set the traps.

An old sailor trying to understand, lost to himself, lost to time, lost to man, and only woken by The Three.