The Magus Gene: Book 1 of Chronicles of Starships and Sorcery

In the sprawling cosmos of the year 3280, where the resurgence of magic has woven itself into the fabric of a technologically advanced galaxy, “The Magus Gene” unfolds an epic tale of power, prophecy, and rebellion. Mack Rivera, a young starship mechanic from the eastern edge of the Milky Way, finds his life irrevocably altered when a night out with friends reveals his latent ability to cast spells—a talent unregistered and unknown in a society where magic-users are strictly controlled from birth.

As Mack grapples with his newfound abilities, he becomes a target for a tyrannical government agency determined to maintain their iron grip over the galaxy’s magic. With every spell he casts, Mack draws closer to uncovering a secret that could topple empires and end a millennia-long oppressive regime. Alongside a diverse cast of allies, including elf royalty and sentient nanobots, Mack’s journey propels him through alien worlds and to a space station harboring an ancient species whose mastery of magic and technology harbors deadly intentions.

“The Magus Gene” is a story of courage and camaraderie, where the fight for freedom stretches across star systems. Mack and his companions must navigate a labyrinth of smugglers, pirates, and enemy magic-users, all while protecting their loved ones from the crossfire. As they unravel the threads of a deep-rooted conspiracy, they discover that the key to their survival—and the galaxy’s future—may lie in the very magic coursing through Mack’s veins.