Noir City: Machines and Monsters: A Thrilling Collection of Cyberpunk Short Stories Based in a Dystopian Future Society (True Tales Series)

In a dystopian future, a high-tech city named after the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir was supposed to be a utopia where society and technology flourished outside of government control.

Step into the neon streets of Noir City, a realm reminiscent of Cyberpunk 2077, West World, and Sin City, where shadows conceal secrets and technology holds sway over every aspect of life.

As an enigmatic signal looms ominously, threatening to disrupt the delicate balance, the lives of its inhabitants become entwined in a web of mystery. Initially appearing disparate, each story holds a sinister connection waiting to be unveiled.

The great Giorgio Lomenzo’s vision of a utopia free from moral constraints is well on its way to completion, but what secrets are waiting to be discovered from the mysterious benefactor?

Losing her daughter was the worst experience of Dr. Kendra Wren’s life. So she rebuilt her. What would you sacrifice for a second chance?

One of the world’s wealthiest elite was murdered on his yacht. Can Detective Sarah Collins and her partner, Detective Mark Thompson, solve the case before the killer escapes?

Ava has been experiencing new feelings lately, such as joy, sadness, and confusion, but she knows androids are not supposed to have them. How will she tell her owner, a possessive, entitled man, the truth?

And many more!

These 14 short stories will give you a much deeper insight into the incredibly unique world of Noir City. As you dive deeper into each story, you will learn more about the characters involved and the world they live in.

What mysterious force binds these seemingly unrelated tales together? Dare to unravel the mysteries lurking within Noir City and discover the chilling truths that lurk beneath its neon facade.

Following on from part one of the True Tales series, read on to discover more about the incredible dystopian world of Noir City.