Opposites Attract in Medieval London: Timeless Love Quest: Book 1

In a New York library, my quiet life collided with Jack’s wild one when an ancient map flung us into medieval London. “Buckle up,” he smirked, lighting a spark of adventure in me. “Opposites on a quest,” I mused as we embarked on a treasure hunt through time. Each challenge drew us closer, his bold spirit clashing with my caution, igniting unexpected flames. In the shadow of history, our pursuit wasn’t just about the treasure. “We’re quite the pair,” Jack joked, amidst our bickering and banter. Yet, with every shared danger and fleeting touch, a surprising bond formed. As the quest deepened, so did our connection. Amid knights and intrigue, it was our growing unity against the odds that became our true discovery. “Didn’t see that coming,” I admitted, our previous conflicts giving way to a partnership charged with the thrill of the chase and the heat of newfound desires. In the heart of the adventure, amidst the adrenaline and ancient mysteries, we found an unexpected treasure—a bond forged in the fires of our journey, proving that even the most unlikely pairs can find harmony and heat in the wildest of quests.

Meet Eliane Kensington

Eliane Kensington is an author specializing in time travel romance novels, known for her imaginative storytelling that artfully intertwines love and history. Her work captivates readers with its unique blend of historical depth and modern romance.