Cosmo Crown

Zak’s world crumbles when his beloved is abducted and exploited for her unique attributes. Thrust into a technologically-advanced society scarred by genetic manipulation, he stands firm against a clone army—an echo of his lost love. Can he reclaim his destiny and guide humanity away from the brink of destruction?

Meet Dmitriy Zen

A programmer-turned-author from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Writing in English, a language distinct from his Russian heritage, Dmitriy unearthed a unique, unbiased creative voice. This journey began modestly with a journal, where the challenge of articulating thoughts in a new language sparked a wellspring of inspiration. With each page, Dmitriy’s affinity for storytelling deepened, guiding him to weave complex narratives in the realms of sci-fi and fantasy, enriched with the spiritual wisdom gleaned from his exploration in self-development. What started as a deeply personal endeavor has now blossomed, revealing Dmitriy Zen as a storyteller ready to transcend linguistic barriers and illuminate the world with his tales.