Odd Mum Out: A fun, feel-good, and frankly hilarious tale about parenting on the spectrum

What if everything you knew about parenting turned out to be wrong? Or just wrong for your child? Maya’s about to find out.

Maya Harris is fine. Just fine. Positively thriving. Sure, she’s wasted all her potential. And yes, her 4-year-old’s epic tantrums consume her family’s every waking moment and are about to get him expelled. But for the first time, there might be something she can do about it.

Flanked by her husband, sceptical best friend and unreasonably perfect sister, Maya explores whether Liam’s on the autism spectrum.

Along the way, she must tackle a virtual Everest of jargon, myths, and misconceptions without losing track of the standard daily chaos. Like remembering her entire other child, Charlie; meeting the unreasonable demands of one cantankerous cat; and clinging onto her job like she’s Jason Bourne hanging on the side of a helicopter.

And if that wasn’t enough, the newest school gate mum is an Insta-perfect influencer hellbent on broadcasting Maya’s every parenting fail.

See? Tow-tally fine. Nothing to see here.

Irresistibly frank, fun, and relatable, Odd Mum Out is a laugh-out-loud parenting comedy with a neurodivergent twist, perfect for fans of Why Mummy Drinks and the BBC’s Motherland.