The Worst Cook Book in the Whole Entire World: A hilarious children’s story about a rock who tries to warn the reader of a chef and his wacky “recipes”

Let’s get cookin’…or not…

because this is the WORST Cook Book in the whole entire world!

1. Nameless the Rock does not want to be in this book.
2. This is not a true ‘cookbook’. It is a storybook.
3. Are there recipes in this book? Yes.
4. Are they serious recipes? No.
5. Will this book make your kid(s) and you seriously laugh out loud? Most likely.

The Worst Cook Book in the Whole Entire World is a humorous and witty tale for young and seasoned readers. No fan or enemy of cooking should be without this book. A perfect book for reluctant readers, cooks, and chefs in or out of the kitchen. Don’t miss out on this new classic!

The Entire World Books series is geared towards ages 4-8 and is great for beginner and reluctant readers in or out of the classroom. Boys, girls, primary school students, adults, grandparents, and sarcastic teens can enjoy this new quirky and silly children’s book series.

DISCLAIMER: the following book is not intended to be educational or considered a literary classical masterpiece by any means. However, if you have some reluctant readers, they may enjoy this easy-to-read series. Think ‘The Book with No Pictures’ humor, but with…pictures…