Styling Wellywood: A fashionable romantic comedy

| June 14, 2014


Styling Wellywood: A fashionable romantic comedy

Jessica Banks is dragged kicking and screaming from her fabulous and carefree London life back to her hometown of Wellington, New Zealand and into the arms of her uptight mother.

She struggles to settle back in until she finds a way to bring her own version of London glamour to her new home. Things begin to look up when she meets Scott Wright, tennis coach, and possibly the hottest man on the planet – but is it a love match? Or is someone else the right man for Jessica? Someone she thought was out of her reach?

When both her best friend suddenly disappears and her high school arch nemesis rears her perfectly coifed head, Jessica‘s new life begins to unravel. Even her dearest friend, Ben, can’t protect her from her demons. She eventually realizes she needs to face her deepest, darkest fear – the fear she’s managed to successfully drown in cocktails for the last four years.

Can Jessica overcome her past and find love and happiness in unexpected places?

With Wellington – the world’s coolest little capital city and New Zealand’s answer to Hollywood – as the backdrop, Styling Wellywood: A fashionable romantic comedy is a humorous, heart warming, entertaining romp in the world of contemporary women’s chick lit romance.


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