The Illusionist: Hidden magic (Stonehaven Book 2)

| June 14, 2014


The Illusionist: Hidden magic (Stonehaven Book 2)

Follow the further adventures of Hannah and Marcus to a death defying conclusion as their story weaves in and out of the real world – our everyday world – and their magical world.

They have been sent on a mission by the Stonehaven council; they must locate Magnifico and find out what, or who he is. Can they uncover the truth before he makes his gorge walk? A walk which could put Stonehaven in danger.

See the secrets of Stonehaven further revealed piece by piece. Experience the twists and turns in this exciting story – you’ll be walking a tightrope of suspense and danger, romance and magic.

This book is paranormal mystery with paranormal romance and magic, the kind of magic that is probably going on all around you now! Do you see it?

Author’s note: This is Book #2 in the Stonehaven series, read Marcus Elliot’s intriguing journey of discovery in The Finder – Stonehaven Book#1.


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