Learn Spanish Fast for Adult Beginners: 5-in-1 Workbook: Master Intermediate Spanish: 15-Minute Daily Lessons with Simple Exercises & Short Stories, and Essential Vocabulary (Easy Spanish Book 3)


Ready to Read, Write, and Speak Intermediate Spanish with Confidence?

According to a recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Study: “Adults can learn a new language as easily as a child”.. you only have to know how, so keep reading…

Say “Adiós” to lengthy learning hours, as our science-based method inspired by strategies from polyglots (who speak 5+ languages fluently), integrates 15-minute lessons tailored for adults on a hectic schedule, and easy-to-digest chapters to facilitate memorization.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Book 1 & 2: Learn The Most Useful Beginner & Intermediate Spanish Grammar You’ll Ever Need, with:

Short, well-structured lessons designed to reach a CEFR-Level B1 (intermediate) of language proficiency!
100+ effective yet simple exercises that will turbocharge your Spanish writing skills, helping you progress quickly.
The 10% of the language you’ll use 90% of the time in real-life conversations, no pointless memorization.

Book 3 & 4: Elevate Your Conversation Skills for Seamless Interactions, with:

1,200+ easy-to-memorize Spanish words and indispensable phrases tailored for your everyday life.
Everyday words and phrases to become comfortable in any situations: navigating, restaurants, shopping..
Understanding the nuances between European and South American Spanish, common words and slang.

Book 5: Immerse in Interactive Content to Boost Your Language Skills, with:

Authentic and engaging Short Stories + real-life dialogues that reflect everyday situations.
Vocab lists highlighting the most crucial words in each story to enrich your vocabulary.
A clear pronunciation guide to effortlessly sound like a native speaker.

See, this isn’t just another workbook to read (and possibly dump!) – it’s a 360° journey specially crafted to meet all your needs and fast-track your progress!

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DISCLAIMER: This book is entirely human-made, without any involvement of artificial intelligence (AI) tools or algorithms.