A Knight of Ur

Polycarp is a hardworking farm boy from the dying planet Ravanna, surrounded by the relics of a collapsed galactic civilization. He faces an uncertain future as he dreams of studying the mysterious past of his ancestors.

When he helps a wandering storyteller escape from dark forces, Pol is thrust into a dangerous quest for the Chalice, a relic left by the vanished Knights of Ur that may hold the key to the mysteries of his world and the secrets of the past.

Now, aided by Xophia, a woman at the other end of an ancient radio; Alexander, a reclusive, armored, albino; and the cheerful soldier Constance, he seeks the Chalice to save his planet and keep it from the hands of those who’d burn down the cosmos to achieve their goals.

Meet Mark R WIlliamson

Mark R. Williamson is happily married to a wonderful wife and the proud father of three young children. A native of Montana, he has now lived in North Dakota for most of his life. He is a scientist by trade, currently working as a research assistant professor in the areas of statistics and biomedical research. His non-work interests are wide ranging: from game design to philosophy and cooking to stand-up comedy.