The Lighter Side of Large

| June 16, 2014


The Lighter Side of Large

Hell hath no fury like a fat woman scorned – or deprived of caffeine. Bella is a Samoan-New Zealander who doesn’t fit in. Tiny seats, tight clothes, narrow aisles: navigating a one-size-fits-all world is a heavyweight task for a single mom who tips the scales at 278 pounds. Not even her islander family understands her. Only with her eclectic trio of friends (including a gay barrister and a homeless woman) does she find acceptance – and lots of coffee.

When her ex-husband and sister announce their upcoming wedding and the proud family matriarch insists she attend, Bella embarks on a mission: lose the weight, get a job, and find a man to prove they just can’t keep a good mother down.

After she’s kicked out of a clothing store because of her size, her crusade against weight discrimination kickstarts a writing career but sets her at odds with the adventurous new man in her life who’s got skinny issues. It also puts her in the crosshairs as her sister plots revenge when she discovers her fiancé still has the hots for Bella.

Bella’s sudden fame and obsession with the achieving perfect body begins to take its toll on her friendships and love life. How much is she willing to lose and how far is she willing to go to carve out the perfect body?

The Lighter Side of Large is a glimpse through Bella’s eyes into the humorous and tragically real world of the well-endowed, the perils of perfection and the joy of learning to love oneself. It debuts the new genre of “Reality Fiction,” which takes real events and turns them into a novel. Deeper than the average girl-power chick lit, more outrageous than a memoir. Bella’s journey to reinvent herself is a story with something everyone can relate to.


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