Farting Peter Pooter and His Self Propelled Tooter Scooter

This time the fart sounded like a burp but felt like a blast. This is when Peter realized that he was really, really, FAST! Get ready for an explosively funny and wild ride with Farting Peter Pooter and His Self Propelled Tooter Scooter! This book is for all children who love farts – and adventure! Written, by multi-award winning author and television producer, Steve Kuhn, Farting Peter Pooter and His Self Propelled Tooter Scooter tells the story of an ambitious young racer, who discovers that if he eats enough beans, he can win almost every race – because he is self-propelled… Peter must push his bean-eating abilities to the limit in order to win the ultimate race…can he handle the pressure? This outrageous, humorous and absurd comedy has it all, cycling in the French countryside, the speed and adventure of motorsports, and all of it powered by farts! But all you will hear from the reader is laughter and giggles! Get your copy and let the fun begin!

Meet Steve Kuhn

“There once was a little boy names Steve who always had a story up his sleeve. He scribbled and typed, the pages they were hyped, and his words made the readers believe. From tales of adventure and wonder, like pirates intent on their plunder. Steve’s pen was his wand, of him, everyone was fond, As he wrote, the world fell asunder. With laughter that echoed like bells, Steve’s stories cast whimsical spells. Jokes and puns in the mix, gave his readers their fix, For in his tales, joy forever dwells. With humor and wit in his prose, he captures life’s highs and its lows. So if you need a good read, Steve’s stories you’ll heed, In his words, magic always flows…” Steve is a former children’s television creative with credits and awards on all the networks your kids know and love.