Letter to a Perfect Unknown

Six wandering souls, their paths intertwined through a mysterious exchange of letters, a secretive project that will alter the course of their lives within a single, hectic day. Each individual, whether sender or recipient, finds themselves caught in a whirlwind of hours filled with intersecting destinies, palpable emotions, pursued dreams, caressed hopes, burning ambitions, desperate escapes, and unexpected redemptions. This is a choral novel, where the stage is shared equally, and the true star is a letter, coveted by those who hope to receive it and a source of inspiration for those burning to write it. Behind the scenes of these special deliveries are hidden words, concealed actions, enigmatic smiles. What can happen when the paths of seven strangers intersect by sheer coincidence? Are coincidences really just that, or do they hide a greater intent? How do they unfold and what forms can they take? Everything originates from an initiative called “Letter to a Perfect Stranger,” which has been taking place every October second for years and involves our protagonists in a game of anonymity and mystery. To participate means to write an anonymous letter, without a sender or recipient, and then venture out to mail it, almost acting as the messenger of one’s own fate, delivering dreams and regrets to an unknown recipient. This simple yet meaningful act will pull the participants into a network of new friendships, passionate searches, and surprising twists of fate. Their words and actions will carry them far beyond what they could have imagined at the moment they put pen to paper. In a play of chance and choice, this novel explores the power of words and the ability of a simple piece of paper to transform lives. From acclaimed Italian author Kempes Astolfi, a universal tale set in beloved old Italy, featuring letters as central elements, mysteries, and entanglements. Grab your copy today and immerse yourself in the ambiance of “Letter to a Perfect Stranger.”

Meet Kempes Astolfi

Kempes Astolfi, Director, Writer, Screenwriter, and Essayist, was born in Italy, in Civitavecchia, in the province of Rome in 1978. He is the creator of the Literary Photographic Movement “KomeSto?”. In 2001, he began his career as a director and screenwriter, making short films and music videos. In 2008, after two years of study, he obtained a diploma in Directing and Screenwriting from the School of Arts. In 2007, he published the “K? Calendars” related to the “KomeSto?” movement, with international distribution. Since 2008, he has been touring the world with the “KomeSto? Tour,” a live version of the event created on his website. In 2012, he filmed the pilot episode of the “Invade The Trash Series,” and the following year he created the “30SecondsEvents” movement, organizing various Flash-Mobs. He also published his first book, “L’Abbraccio Perfetto” (The Perfect Embrace), published by Prospettiva Editrice. In the following three years, he published “Aneddoti Curiosi sul Gioco del Calcio” (Curious Anecdotes about the Game of Football), “Cosa Pensano i Gatti Italiani dei Felini Stranieri” (What Italian Cats Think of Foreign Felines), and “La Donna che Annusava le Librerie” (The Woman who Sniffed Bookstores), also published by Prospettiva Editrice. He simultaneously launched the open book project “Mille Racconti per Mille Parole” (A Thousand Stories for a Thousand Words), also known as “Un Milione di Parole” (One Million Words), which is still ongoing. In 2015, he worked as an assistant director on the film “On Air – Storia di un Successo” (On Air – Story of a Success), which was released in Italian theaters in March 2016. In 2018, he moved to Dubai, where he currently resides. In recent years, he has worked on several personal growth books, including “Se Potessi Essere Infinito” (If I Could Be Infinite) Volume I and II, as well as new socio-cultural novels like “La Partita di Pallone” (The Football Match), while continuing his collection of short stories with new releases. The Author has built his career, his path, based on the vision of diversity, creativity, and eclecticism that leads him to constantly explore new avenues, personally taking risks.