Felt Hat And Dusty Boots: On his wander in the world, a solitary journey on a busy road

Ron Marsh grew up in the Sussex countryside. He’s had
well over 40 jobs. Two wonderful wives have blessed him with
Three wonderful daughters, the eldest of whom has twice made him
a grandfather.

At 76, he lives with his Dutch wife and, intermittently, one or two of his daughters twixt the sea and the
South Downs. He is still trying to retire but is too busy right now.

He has one very nice shed, loads’ of dreams, and likes reading
Winnie the Pooh who once said, “To get to where you want to go,
you have to walk away from where you are”. (A.A. MILNE)

In 1968, the Author set off at the age of 21 to see the world, still very
naive, with no knowledge of Hippies or interest in drugs, though he
had heard of the Khyber Pass. He hitch-hiked on fishing boats as well
as cars, trucks, motorbikes and bullock carts. Took local transport
from buses, trains, and tuk-tuks to horse-drawn tangas and cycle

He walked quite a bit, too, sleeping in his large plastic
bag when he needed to. Having followed his compulsion to-mgke the
journey overland to India, he found far more than he hgd dreamed
of. It became a journey of inner discovery and unfolding, connecting
to the glade experiences and visions of his childhood.