Raise A Little Hell (Queen of Hell)

From Kinsley Adams comes a prequel to her new slow-burn urban fantasy series that delves into forbidden love and hidden truths.

Being Lucifer’s daughter is not as fun as you might think.

Picture this: a hellspawn-infested landscape, relentless combat training, and Rathiel—my father’s infuriatingly perfect right-hand fallen angel—breathing down my neck. His job? To make my life a living… well, you get the idea. My job? To resist the urge to strangle him with his own wings.

Desperate to break the monotony, I decide to stir up a little trouble by stealing a hellwyrm and taking it out for a joyride. Bad move. Trouble finds me alright. Now, I’m dealing with rebellious hellspawn, a cryptic prophecy that claims I’m going to destroy Hell, and my father’s wrath.

As if that isn’t enough, Rathiel’s presence is becoming more maddening. He pushes my buttons like no one else, but there’s a spark there—one neither of us wants to admit, but also can’t ignore.

Hell’s heat is nothing compared to the firestorm brewing in my life.

Ready to join the chaos? Let’s raise a little hell.