The Wagon Master’s Promise to a New Life: A Western Historical Romance Book

She’s the pregnant widow left stranded on the trail.
I’m the wagon master who witnessed her husband’s tragic accident.
Even though she resents me, I can’t abandon her… it’s my duty to keep her safe.

Sarah is trapped in an abusive marriage with a man she never wanted. Now pregnant and forced to travel westward, her life changes drastically when her husband is killed during a botched robbery. She is now left with one option that will change her life forever…

Nate, the respected wagon master, takes his responsibility to protect the convoy seriously. When a thief threatens their journey, Nate confronts him, resulting in a fatal accident that leaves Sarah’s husband dead. Stricken with guilt, Nate offers Sarah a place in his convoy, vowing to keep her safe…

As they travel together, Sarah and Nate’s initial animosity starts to change. Facing enemies and harsh conditions, they navigate growing feelings and challenges, forming an unexpected bond…

In the wild frontier, their paths entwine,
A widow’s struggle, a duty defined.
Nate’s promise, Sarah’s plight,
Together they journey through day and night.


The Wagon Master’s Promise to a New Life is a stand-alone Western Historical Romance book with no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

Buy it now to uncover Sarah’s exhilarating romantic tale and immerse in the tough lives of our foremothers!

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