God Has Left the Building (Northern Souls Book 1)

“Let me ask you this, is it better to live like a prince, confined to his palace, sitting around being useless? Or to be free, with the opportunity to do something the world will remember, something good . . . for yourself and others?”

When Joe finds himself immersed in a series of time repeats, he sees an opportunity to change his life for the better. It turns out, however, altering the course of history doesn’t go unnoticed . . . or unpunished.

Why do these people care, though? What is this place they have brought him to? And how does it make any difference to them if some working-class lad, from a mostly unknown city in the North of England, improved his situation?

The answers to those questions only make matters worse for Joe. Forcing him to choose between accepting the harsh truths he has uncovered or embracing his northern grit to challenge the status quo and forge a new path.