The Accidental Relationship

An ambitious journalist gets the chance to write the hottest story of the year: the CEO of a highly reputable company is being sued. When the pompous CEO, who won’t give her the time of day, loses his memory and hires her as a personal assistant, things turn more complicated when he asks her out. But she can do the fake dating thing. For her career.

Meet Cristina Ryan

Amazon bestselling author Cristina Ryan lives with her Marine Corp. veteran husband and an entertaining clan of children and pets. She writes clean beach romances set in the fictional town of Malibu Bay. Holidays are a festive time, but there’s something extra special about love during the holidays in Malibu Bay. From friends to lovers to second chances and fake romances, these stories will bring you hope and happiness. Cristina also writes YA Christian Suspense as Krista Wagner.