The Lightbridge Method: A Stewards of Octarma Tale of Short Proportions

Safety checks … purely optional Twins Jonathon and Nickolas Milarum work for Qurkition galaxy’s largest children’s entertainment company, IAFE. They are its worst employees. They are also flat broke, supremely bored, and dislike children. Quite the trifecta considering their family owns the business in question — It’s All for Effect. When a glitch in the IAFE booking system gives the brothers the chance to take on a profitable, though questionable, side-hustle — event managing the largest celebration that Zertian 11 has ever seen — they jump at the chance to clear their mountain of debt. The fact that the gig is to celebrate a ruthless criminal overlord’s birth-cycle day, oh that, and his triumph over a rival mob family, is of minor concern as ethics had left that building long ago. Joined by their new apprentice, Berkely Bing-Beekeson, and their spaceship’s gambling junkie computer, M011y, the brothers set out to seek their fame and fortune in the event entertainment business. What could go wrong?

Meet R.H. Polden

When he was in high school, a dare escalated a little too quickly and Robert made the state final in an interpretive dance competition. Thankfully, his teacher was okay with him chickening out of the main event, thus preserving his affection for education. Whilst not a direct consequence, Robert has since spent too much of his life studying and is undertaking his seventh university degree, a PhD in Education. Robert has degrees in psychology, sociology, biology and education, all of which inspire his writing. Robert studied Wado-Ryu karate for twenty years and ran his own dojo in Perth for several years. However, he is not currently training. Robert is kosmemophobic, meaning he has a fear of jewellery. He has no idea why; it just freaks him out.