One Night Betrayal: A One Night Stand Billionaire Pregnancy Romance

Seeing your ex-fiancée in your house, talking to the woman you just had a passionate night with means you’re about to have a very bad day. Noel Strong, heir to Strong’s Vineyards and Wineries, has his life take an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with Margaux Wills at his birthday party leads to a sizzling night of passion. The next morning, chaos ensues when his ex-fiancée barges in, claiming she’s pregnant. Years later, Margaux unknowingly steps back into Noel’s world, reigniting their undeniable chemistry. As the seeds of romance try to blossom, obstacles arrive at every turn. Margaux’s brother, and Noel’s former best friend, is determined to stir up trouble and with Noel’s own family standing in opposition, their love is put to the ultimate test. But when tragedy puts Margaux’s life on the line, Noel must decide what matters most. In the face of adversity, will their fragile blossoms of love withstand the storms of betrayal and family drama, or will it wither and fade away?

Meet Alexa Whitmore

Hi, I’m Alexa, Romance novels have always been my sanctuary, a delightful escape which inspired my writing journey. My stories? Against a backdrop of small town sunsets, and the occasional city lights, they dance through themes of second chances, enemies turning into lovers, and more. Led by strong, men and complemented by strong vulnerable women navigating the inevitable drama of love and heartbreak, but always with the happily ever after’s we all crave. When I’m not weaving tales of love and passion, you’ll find me globe-trotting. I’m a big believer in “But first, Coffee,” because every good story begins with a great brew. But, ultimately for me, there is no place like home, spending time with my husband, and Boston Terrier, surrounded by the soothing flicker of candles and the scent of my favorite fragrances. Join me in this journey of love, laughter, and the endless pursuit of happy endings.