A Wounded Bird Sings: A House of Croft Prequel

An orphaned girl’s path is determined, her destiny tied to a mistreated boy who will one day win her allegiance.

Raised by his tyrannical father, Adrian Croft is prepared for the day when he will take over a criminal enterprise passed down through generations. And take his position as King of Portman Square. If only he can endure.

Saved from her cruel existence at Saint Christopher’s home for foundling children, Samantha Carmichael is awarded a new life at Clearview Manor. Both a blessing and a curse. For which she will one day pay the price.

This short story companion to The House of Croft series shows how the Nightingale Project came about and how Adrian and Samantha’s childhoods have shaped them. It also includes the first three chapters from A Vengeful King Rises.