Equinox: A Novel About Believing, Forgiving, and Healing

“Beautiful messages of love, hope, and unity.”

“A how-to for living your life with compassion.”

“A seriously beautiful book about endings and new beginnings.”

Project manager Nancy Carruthers never met a project she couldn’t manage, starting as a teen and culminating in her husband disappearing 12 years ago and leaving her with a one-year-old and no explanation.

But then an August weekend rolls around, Nancy’s mother has a stroke, and her ex shows up at the door saying he wants to get to know their son.

Nancy doesn’t do overwhelmed. It’s never penetrated the walls.

But one more surprise awaits: her neighbor, an octogenarian who died two years ago after a long illness, is outside, ready with inspiration, insights, and advice. Stress-induced hallucination? Brain tumor? No and no. Her mother comes to live with her, and she and Nancy’s son also see and grow close to their formerly deceased neighbor.

Healing. Forgiveness. Resilience. Second chances. This family finds them just on the other side of believing.