Accidentally yours

Sophia’s life crashed and burned when she lost both her parents during her senior year of college. Just when she was starting to find some stability, she met Mikey at her new job, and instantly became part of his friend group, surrounded by five men 24/7; Mikey is her best friend, Connor is like a dad, Bohdi is like a brother, Dean always makes her laugh, and Jensen… Well, isn’t that a question for the ages?

Jensen says they’re friends, but never lets her have a moment of peace – always teasing and pushing her nerves to the very edge, and the worst part is that he seems to enjoy it.

So, imagine Sophia’s surprise when one drunken night in a shiny silver dress reveals Jensen’s secret attraction to her – and her even bigger surprise when he suggests they embark on a unique agreement:

“Fuck buddies”

This has disaster written all over it in all caps, but Sophia can’t seem to help herself when it comes to Jensen.

Jensen’s one-of-a-kind offer takes Sophia on the ride of her life, which could get her to her dreamland, or be the end of everything she knows and loves.

One thing’s for sure – everything is about to change, and it’s all because of one shiny silver dress.