Ballet Feet & Pointe Shoes (An Aspiring Ballerina’s Guide To… Book 1)

| June 20, 2014


Ballet Feet & Pointe Shoes (An Aspiring Ballerina's Guide To... Book 1)

Ever wish that your pointe shoes came with a users manual? Well wish no more, the Aspiring Ballerina’s Guide to Feet & Pointe Shoes was designed to make your life that little bit easier.

– Do you want to know how to make your feet feel and look good in any shoes? This guide covers the basics on how to prepare your pointe shoes, as well as special techniques to customize your shoes and make them look and fit their best.

– Are you wondering what the most effective ways are to stretch and strengthen your feet and prevent injury? I’ll demonstrate for you step by step, complete with pictures and thorough descriptions.

– Are you tired of bruised, blistered, and bunion-ed feet?

Well that could all be a distant memory when you learn ways to effectively manage pain.

Don’t learn the hard way, get your copy today!


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