Maine Attraction

| June 20, 2014


Maine Attraction

Soul-crushing demons from her past haunt Brie Spenser’s nightmares. Her needy boyfriend’s reminders to pick up his dry-cleaning aren’t helping. Brie’s not looking for romance any more, she just needs a break, from the city, from Phillip, from her past.

Brie retreats to her cabin in the Maine woods to finish her next bestseller. There she stumbles upon a major drug ring, dead bodies, and the love of her life. Ian Devereux is in Maine to help an old friend with some curious goings on – anonymous threats and a suspicious fatal accident – at the fishing lodge near Brie’s cabin. Ian has carried a torch for Brie from youthful summers in those same woods. When she literally falls into his arms, he carefully reels her in.

As Brie and Ian team up to investigate, sparks fly, and they find themselves in the criminal’s sights. Can the writer and the fishing guide dodge the bad guys long enough to solve the case, save the lodge, quell Brie’s nightmares, and find passion?

Maine Attraction delivers sleuthing, criminal intrigue, and humor in a sweet contemporary love story.


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