| June 22, 2014



Against a backdrop of worldwide economic catastrophe – and the vulnerability of tropical island nations – Bahamian entrepreneur Lance Monroe is seduced by the drug underworld. But, in the face of corruption and murder, he is soon compelled to choose another path.

In an all-too-possible future, after the Great Global Depression of 2023, only the wealthy can afford to take vacations to the tropics. With the collapse of middle-class tourism, island nations find themselves struggling to pay for the essentials of life.

Forced to shut down his dive expedition business, Marine-trained fighter and water-man Monroe reluctantly embarks on transporting contraband for the Dominicans. However, when a secret bio-engineering lab stumbles upon a new super coca plant, the stage is set for a dangerous clash between corrupt governments, drug cartels and the world’s largest pharmaceutical company.

This new drug – street-named ‘Divinity’ – explodes in popularity, creating a new global epidemic. Drawn in by the tides of change, Monroe and his partner Danny offer a select set of skills. With their military training, knowledge of the local waters, and the fastest boat in the Caribbean they quickly rise to become the best transporters in the business.

That is, until a powerful new Venezuelan cartel decides that it wants in on the action. Monroe has to use all of his know-how and experience to stay profitable, and to stay alive.


Raised in the rich culture and beautiful waters of the Bahamian Islands, and now residing in the US, Ray Shilling calls upon his personal experience to weave together vibrant details of life in both worlds. Tense and disturbing, this ambitious story takes the reader on a wild ride through a harsh, often merciless landscape, with an electrifying plot of action, intrigue, corruption and revenge.

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