| June 24, 2014



What one event thrusts Celeste into a downward spiral of misery?

Romance, Heartache, and Murder weave an intricate web of uncertainty throughout Redemption, as Greg Sparks tells the riveting story of customer service representative Celeste McCallister. Influenced by her circumstances, day in and day out she’s forced to endure the unfiltered berating and anger of her callers. Growing fearless, while pushing the limits, she betrays those who trust her. Her acts of vengeance become an obsession. One she cannot stop.

However, after falling in love, the hostilities shift to acts of kindness. Love abounds. Celeste opens her heart to her one true love. Life is beautiful. The vile acts are a thing of the past. Now, she offers hope to people with the same intensity as her acts of vengeance. Celeste is quite the giver and enjoys sending flowers, cards, and doing nice things for complete strangers—until tragedy strikes.

Unable to cope with the loss of her fiancé, Celeste seizes the opportunity to once again decimate her customers’ lives. The cruelty increases with each encounter. The obsession is back and more blatant than ever. The turmoil of right and wrong drives her fixation on destroying them. In her mind, customers are all senseless and useless, something she wants to change. It is a matter of always feeling empty, never satisfied. After ending the lives of two innocent people, Celeste’s adventures are far from over. Her dismal life is in turmoil.

Sparks, in this Christian thriller, unfolds the human drama of a woman in search of something. Anything. To make her life free, Celeste seeks adventure but obtains it the wrong way. Her anger pushes her over the edge. Vengeance and revenge are her medicines of choice. Longing for happiness again, she seeks something other than God. Celeste ignores all of the warning signs in search of a new identity. To her, hope is lost. No one can understand her troubles. No one can understand her pain. Only she can control her desires, but she is wrong.

Is it too late for Celeste? Can she find redemption?

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