Alyssa and Dalton

| June 25, 2014


Alyssa and Dalton

rain begin to fall. Good, she thought, now no one would be able to see my tears.

Love and loss culminate with a devastating discovery in Laurel Veil’s complex young adult novel, Alyssa and Dalton.

Alyssa is not your average teenager. Abandoned by her friends when her mother gets sick, she spends all of her time acting as caregiver.

Adding to Alyssa’s resentment is that fact that her older sister, Rose, abandoned the family just when she was needed the most. Her mother is heartbroken and Alyssa has no idea when—or if—Rose will return.

But then Alyssa meets Dalton at her mother’s funeral and everything changes. Their blossoming romance helps Alyssa take the first steps toward healing as she painfully adjusts to her mother’s death.

As the two get closer, their fragile love is unexpectedly tested when they make a devastating discovery that will change their lives forever.


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