NETfold: Hard Science Fiction (Cyberpunk Adventure Book 1)

| June 25, 2014


NETfold: Hard Science Fiction (Cyberpunk Adventure Book 1)

Why waste time on Earth, when you have 24 times more time in the NET?

Life was good in the NET ”” the Earth-size virtual world”” until hackers opened a forbidden door and something alien sneaked in” …

Welcome to the NET – an Earth-like virtual-world, where you surf in person and every Earth hour is a full NET day. A place where you can spend long hours preparing for a test, and lose only a few Earth minutes; or own a magnificent NET-estate, and entertain friends from all over Earth for a weekend – each of you would lose only a couple of Earth hours!

But strange phenomena begin to occur in the NET: Surfers suffer memory loss; NET facilities are attacked; and a hacker is kidnapped to a mysterious site named Hell!

Will Babel, the NET security unit, realize the real danger? Can fifteen-year-old Troy Bentley and his bio-computer and best friend, Flint, save the NET?

Gur Shomron is a successful high-tech entrepreneur and cyber-engineer who turned to writingSci-Fi. In NETfold, Gur has created a new world, where human abilities and achievements are magnified many fold.

Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Illustration: Oren Someh

EBook Edition: Mendele Electronic Books Ltd.


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